Microfluidics for Sweat Continous Monitoring

Microfluidics has allowed testing devices to move from the lab to the bed side of the patient. In this project, the technology is moving one step further in order to continuously monitor  in minute droplets of sweat thanks to microfluidics. A novel microfluidic circuit is proposed to collect sweat in a timed manner and allocate it on the reading point of the sensors. In this way, a more controlled environment of analysis can be provided to the sensors avoiding contamination from skin and  providing more robust measurements. The solution offers an efficient passive sweat collection system, which minimizes dead volumes and the manipulation. The microfluidics isolate the different samples and ensure a good accuracy and repeatability of the sensor.

Nowadays, most biomarkers are monitored on blood. However some studies has started to work on sweat. This project will cross correlate measure from different biomarkers and develop a novel microfluidic circuit with the corresponding electronics to continously montior them.

The project results will be commercialized by ONALABS.



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