NanoScale: Novel Nanosensors From Siderurgic Subproducts

NANOSCALE project Titled: “Novel Nanosensors From Siderurgic Subproducts”  is an ACC10 funded in 2021. 

This is a project Coordinated by CELSA INNOVATION GROUP in collaboration with Microtech Lab, from CAT MECH TENIO group of UPC-BarcelonaTech


NANOSCALE will revalorize an mill scale subproduct of the steel manufacturing industry. The project proposes to create a standard revalorization route as magnetic nanoparticles for biosensor enhancement to create portable diagnostic devices.

The main benefit is that the magnetic behavior of the obtained nanoparticles that together with its beneficial surface-to-volume ratio can enhance the sensibility of current electrochemical sensor. This enhanced sensibility will enable applications in diagnosis that before they were only available in clinical labs.


The objectives of the MICROTECH LAB subproject within NANOSCALE are the design, development, integration and validation of an electrochemical system functionalized with revalorized nanoparticles. This novel system will allow multiple analyte detection.  This novel proposed strategy will increase the accuracy of these devices eventhough they are portable and handheld. Therefore, these will enable the possibility to use these devices near the need: either at home or public places with acceptable accuracies.

The consortium vision is that NANOSCALE contributes to a paradigm shift in the use of MILL SCALE from a waste to a high added value product. The research experience by the consortium represents an optimum blending of the interdisciplinary knowledge needed to develop successful projects in the area of nanomaterials.


Kick-off meeting in Terrassa.



This project is partially supported through the call for InnoTech projects from ACC10.


Khosravi, H.; Carreras-Gallo, O.; Casals-Terré, J. Mill Scale-Derived Magnetite Nanoparticles: A Novel Substrate for Lactate Oxidase-Based Biosensors. Biosensors 202313, 957.